How to make a claim

Please note that it is a condition of your policy that all claims for loss or damage are notified to us as soon as reasonably possible. 

If you have suffered loss or damage to your property, we would recommend that you contact the Stride Limited Claims Department or your Managing Agent (if applicable) for advice regarding the loss. 

View Landlord's guide to making a claim

If the claim is urgent and requires immediate action to prevent further damage, the insurers will usually consider costs incurred for emergency work, depending on the amount and of course, provided the claim is covered under the policy. 

In order for the insurers to consider the claim, you will be required to supply the following:

  • A fully completed claim form which you can download here. Please see the claim form guidance notes if you require assistance with completing this.
  • Two comparative estimates for the works required to the property. (Please contact us for advice if you experience difficulty obtaining these).
  • Any relevant invoices for "emergency work" or "trace and access" which you wish the insurers should consider. (Please contact us to confirm that these amounts will be covered under the policy).
  • Confirmation that the source of the leak has been rectified. (Claims for water damage only).
  • Confirmation of the crime reference number obtained from the Police, together with details of the station that the loss was reported to, and the name of the reporting officer. (Claims for malicious damage or break-in only).

Authorisation for the work to begin will then be given by the insurers, subject to the claim being covered. 

The receipted invoice should be submitted once the work has been completed, together with confirmation of who the settlement cheque should be payable to. 

Provided all the paperwork is in order, the insurers will issue a settlement cheque, which will then be forward either to yourself or your Managing Agent, depending on who is dealing with the claim. 

Click here to contact the Claims Department for more information or to discuss your claim further. 

Need help finding the exact insurance for you? Get insured
Need help finding the exact insurance for you? Get insured

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