Top tips to keep your property safe this winter

Top Tenant Tips!

1. Is your tenant going to leave your property vacant for a long period of time? Remember, most landlord insurance policies request to be informed if a property is going to be vacant for longer than 14/21 days. A quick call to your tenant to double check on your property is well within your rights.

2. Water – inside. If your tenant is away for several days, will they drain the water system to avoid burst pipes or will they leave the heating ticking over? It is advisable to leave heating on at 15’C when away on holiday during the winter months.

3. Water – outside. If your tenant uses a hose pipe or outside tap, has the stop cock been switched off, pipe drained and/or has the tap and pipework been lagged and kept wrapped up from frost?

4. Security - is not just for Christmas! However, if your tenant is away over the Christmas your property is more vulnerable[i]. Checking external lighting, windows and doors are all part of normal practice, but Christmas can be a time when burglars are looking for an easy target of an empty residence. Anything you can do to deter them is again a win-win for yourself and your tenant.

5. Winter Weather – As we get into the depths of winter chances of rainfall, storms and snow increase. Are the tiles still in place? Are the gutters clear? Are the drains free-flowing and cleared of any autumnal leaves and debris? Lower the chances of damp ingress by ensuring external maintenance jobs are done.

5. Fire – Last year, in London alone, 200 house fires[ii] were caused by candles. With the increased use of fairy lights, open fires and log burners at this time of year your property is at further risk. Keeping chimneys regularly swept and smoke alarm batteries tested will help to keep both your tenants and your property safe.

We believe that prevention is better than cure. Regular maintenance of your property is key. We also recommend having a good relationship with local contractors so if the worst does happen over the Christmas holidays it’s good to know that you have a reliable tradesperson to call.

As experts in this field we understand how important the smooth running of your property let business needs to be. Contact Stride Insurance for all your landlord insurance requirements.

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Published: 9th December 2021 (Maddie-Dean)
Need help finding the exact insurance for you? Get insured
Need help finding the exact insurance for you? Get insured